April 13th—15th, 2023

Guided tour of Úbeda and Baeza

The cities of Úbeda and Baeza, in the province of Jaén, were declared World Heritage Sites in 2003. Separated by barely 10 km of road, these two small Andalusian towns share a common history marked by the Arab domination and the Reconquest. Their beautiful Renaissance monuments earned them the UNESCO distinction. They are surrounded by an exceptional landscape, made up of places like the Sierra de Cazorla, the Guadalquivir Valley, the Sierra Magina and the extensive olive groves that extend at their feet. The guided tour includes the entrance to see the Cathedral of Baeza and the entrance to the Sacred Chapel of the Savior of Úbeda.

Price: 50€/person


Gala Dinner

Enjoy a gala dinner on April 13 at a picturesque restaurant in Jaén.

Price: 60€/person